Weedless Flipping Jig

A snag resistant design using the special wide throat super-strong 730 style hooks and YG-1 size Y-Guard. The 730 hooks are designed to maximize hooking power. When pork rind is added to the jig, flipping jigs are super Bass lures.

How-to Mold Your Own Weedless Jigs Watch a video on how-to make your own weedless jigs
  • Weedless Flipping Jig - FLIP-3-AY

    Item# Type Collar Cavities Salt
    Hook Style
    3060 Weedless Flipping Jig Ball 3 (1 Each Size) No 730
    Sizes (oz.)
    1/4 3/8 1/2
    Hook Sizes
    3/0 4/0 5/0
    Insert YG-1F * YG-1 * YG-1 or FG-30

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