Lee Magnum Lead Melter

Ladle pouring lead can be faster and better than bottom pouring for sinker molds, as well as some jig and lure molds. At last there is an economical high capacity dip out lead melter available – the 20 pound capacity LEE MAGNUM MELTER. It utilizes the proven Lee high-efficiency design to raise lead to temperature in about 20 minutes from a cold start, holds twenty pounds of lead, and has a calibrated thermostat to maintain proper temperature. The 4" x 4" I.D. carbon steel pot is large enough to work well with the large No. 1905 Cast Iron Ladle. The MAGNUM MELTER is guaranteed by the manufacturer, LEE PRECISION Inc. for two full years. 700 Watts, 110 Volt AC.

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    1890 Melter 110V

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